Immersive environmental scientific experiences for secondary students. We currently work with private bilingual secondary schools, IB and international schools in Costa Rica.  

Fit4Earth is expanding its operations to cater to local private and public schools, IB and international schools in Latin America and schools in the United States pursuing Global Education.

Over the past 3 years, 287 secondary students in Costa Rica spent one week living in an off campus university field station located in Monteverde.
Here is what students said about their experience.


"Monteverde was an amazing experience,  I got to learn a lot and at the same time I had fun.  I loved the idea of getting out of our daily routine.  The service learning was really cool because I learned a lot about what we did.  I actually felt like I did a good job.  It was a hard working week but also it was relaxing to be there in the nature.  I loved the activities.  This service learning was different beause I felt it like a hard work.  I could feel the impact in the people.  I also loved the food !". 

(Giovanna H)


"The Monteverde experience was amazing.  We did all sorts of activities including:  plant investigation, insect investigation, butterfly catching, hiking, GPS studies, weather research, water research, and the most hard and fun of them all, service learning.  The second day of service learning was my favorite one because we got to set up the biodigester in the hole.  I REALLY loved the experience.  To be honest, I really wanted to stay and I want to return some day.

(Monica G.)


"It felt like literally being in college.  Instead of sitting in a classroom we went outside and did interactive activities that helped me learn very easily". 

(Giancarlo B.)

What Parents Said About Our Program

Ma. Claudia G.

Good morning, Gabriela and Patricia.  I want to CONGRATULATE you for a job well done with our kids in this new Monteverde Project!!!!!

I was amazed at your dedication and commitment to ensure this project was a huge success.    The teachers involved and the students themselves, came to realize what a great opportunity you had given them to participate in a program usually available only to college students, whether here in Costa Rica, or abroad.

Seeing the high quality level of the students wikis, and the assessment criteria you designed, I have no doubt this should be a model that should be implemented in the school.  I hope the school’s principals and other teachers can get to know and analyze this Project and take time to see the ninth grade student wikis.  It is well worth it!

Generally, group work lacks exactly what you managed to achieve:  team building, commitment and support, while at the same time taking advantage of cutting edge technology.


Ma. Claudia G.

Glorielena A.

Mr. Jack Bimrose

Mr. Timothy Beard

Mr. Charles Benavage

Dear sirs:

It was with great enthusiasm that I received the news of the Fit4Earth program that Lincoln School is planning to offer for the first time to ninth grade students.

During the meeting that took place to inform parents about this innovative program, I realized how lucky our kids are to be in a school like this which cater to a myriad ways of student learning.

According to what I understood, it is clear that the goal of this program is to allow students to learn, live, communicate, and research environmental issues within an interdisciplinary hands-on approach.  Is there a better way to learn and thus engrave this in our mind and body, if not permanently, then at least for a long time?

I hope the opportunity to carry on this program as planned, will not be undermined by other activities, which though no less important, must give way to “Innovation in Learning”, which is precisely what distinguishes Lincoln School  from others.

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the main organizers of Fit4Earth, Ms. Gabriela von Breymann and Ms. Patricia de la Cruz and other personnel involved in the planning of such a valuable and interesting activity.


Glorielena A.

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